Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tattoo of a Mistake (double ouch)

There are spelling mistakes.

And then there are spelling mistakes.

Deadspin's Sarah Kogod recently observed that Kevin Durant of the OKC Thunder was flaunting his new ink--but a pair of scrutineyes found that the handiwork was a bit flawed.

The initial photo, containing the misspelling.  Courtesy of sniperjones35 (Instagram).

The puckering of the skin was bad enough. Plus, imagine not being able to inspect one's back art save for someone else snapping an image of you. Compounding all this is the erroneous spelling of the word "mature" toward the bottom of the verse from James 1.

Evidently Durant was able to quickly remedy the spelling.

In news that is in a completely different bucket full o' better, Durant also reportedly donated $1M to the Red Cross in response to the massive destruction of recent tornadoes.

For this latter reason alone, Grammartime holds Kevin Durant in highest esteem.

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